Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Who is being disciplined?

Well, it has been a busy couple of days! Now with both boys required to be in bed for at least an hour, there are a few minutes to take advantage of. For cleaning up, for planning a little activity for the afternoon, for writing.

Generally they are quite fun. And even after some discipline and foul moods, they come around just as lovable. It is quite the adjustment for them and for various reasons Erik has an attitude that will need to be adjusted. But I cannot expect too much too soon. If I say what is required and walk out of the room it works better on his ego for him to do it in his own timing when no one watches. If I stay and require something there will be all kinds of antics and rolling on the floor, sucking his thumb and so on. And he holds out quite long.

Today he was defiant at one point and I held him for a time out for 2 minutes. He both resisted and liked that one I think. I really expected he would fight it harder. Now when i say I don't want to but I will punish you if you do not listen, he is more responsive.

It is complicated when there are two. I'll leave that to your imagination.

And it challenges me to be disciplined as well. To plan ahead. To figure what will motivate and use it wisely. And to structure activity. In the new environment- they have fun for a while, but then seem to get bored, not knowing what to do with themselves. Picking up toys for less than a minute and then on to something else.

One video has been good for them- Donut Man about animals at the zoo. It is English so they do understand they are also getting the teaching about obeying mom and dad. Oh well.

One more thing of interest- I got the vacuum cleaner out for the first time to add some excitement. Oh the squeals! I offered for them to help. But since this was new they jumped up on the living room chair and tested to see if they put their feet down the vacuum would "come get them".

And the washing machine has still not lost its appeal- just now we are on to them helping to load and unload. They really seem to like those every day things especially trying to help!


+ simonas said...

You are very analytical. Do you do the same with Gregg as well? :-) Do you always look for ways to motivate him? It's probably good.

And now I move away from your situation, and begin to wonder in general, "What is that fine line of psychologyzing and just living?" I wonder how psychologists are able to live? :)

Gregg and Sharon Brubaker said...

Welcome to my analytical world, I guess!

+ simonas said...

You go, mama! :-)
Don't pay too much attention to my analytical questions either, OK? :-)