Saturday, November 24, 2007

T day with LCC community

Our "family Thanksgiving" shared with about 100 others gave a chance for the boys to test out the variety of little friends they could have, Lithuanian and English speaking.

Of course it was natural that they connected with Lithuanian ones. The little group discovered a motion sensing light in a back hallway/staircase. And they would "step across the line" and then run because the boogey man (baubas) was coming. We often here the boys talk about baubas coming to get them, mostly in fun. They choose to turn lights off and play that the baubas is coming.

This was also a chance for them to explore a much larger place to play and explore. Yesterday they seemed to get really rammy and testy from being in the apartment- yet they really did not want to go out either. And then did not want to return. It was a long day for mama. (probably for them too since Tetis was away, including the evening)

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