Thursday, November 1, 2007

Bragging on Erik

We continue to hear good things about the changes in Erik from the caregivers. They see a much more responsive and cooperative little boy. Also one who takes care of his brother which they say did not used to be the case. He makes sure he is not left out of things that he is doing.

In the beginning it was Erik that we were concerned about- would he bond, how would he accept our love. But we are not too concerned about it anymore. He is usually quite open to affection and is seeking opportunities to be caught and held.

Erik is also starting to catch on to our mode of internet phone calls with family. we are having a little difficulty with getting technology to work on both ends well, but we do have the webcam in this computer so eventually we hope it will be more satisfactory.

We are teaching them to say grandma and grandpa. Earlier we were using the Lithuanian names, but the name for grandpa is quite similar to Santa Claus here and it seemed that was the association.
So it may be more helpful to start the English.

They have learned the word "on" and now when we are waiting for an English word like more or again- they come out with "on"!

We are starting to talk about the future- that some day they will come and live with us all of the time. Their sense of time is not too well developed at this age. For us 2 weeks (till the court date) will go by quickly now.

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