Thursday, November 8, 2007

1 week and counting

Next Thursday this time it should be all resolved. The court hearing that is.

And Next Friday our lives change forever. And we are still looking forward to it. Even if the emotional exhaustion is making at least Sharon drag a bit already.

The special event for today's visit was a walk in town to visit a friend who has a cat. Kim and Andrew Stave have been at LCC almost as long as we are and they have a 2 year old girl who they named Ieva- a common Lithuanian name. They also have a Lithuanian babysitter. This made for a nice interaction for the boys. They really looked forward to going, but the reality of a large cat scared them and they would only stop shuddering if the cat was kept at a good distance away. We enjoyed just playing there though once the cat was separated into a different room.

I am noticing a bit of regression in behavior for Erik over the last 2 visits. I've read about this- in fact I had just picked up our book "Our own: adopting and parenting the older child" last night. It talks about how children may revert to younger stages, how they go about grieving, anger and anniversary reactions.

It can be tempting to try to fix it too quickly, but providing the loving safe atmosphere to effectively go through it is key- and that takes some mama energy!

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