Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Checking in with the baby house director confirmed that no overnight visits are allowed- by law- otherwise she would have let us have them long ago- in her words.

She will not be there on the 16th, but promised that she would prepare records and things so that we can take them home that day.

We had lunch at LCC with dad(Gregg). Introduced them to a few more LCC people up close. And they are definitely getting more comfortable being there. The volume level and energy level were good proof! It took some creative thinking and psychology to get them out to the car afterwards. They realized going home meant nap time. And for all mama's best efforts it was certainly not accomplished without tears and anger on the boys part.

They were very interested in playing catch me and running away and delaying that desire/?need did not make them happy. But after naps they were in better moods.

We made cookies together. They saw an egg cracked- a raw one for the first time. They have seen hard boiled ones, but they were definitely quite surprised at this one!

And they got to take cookies back to their group. That changes the pouting quickly too when they realize they have to go back to the orphanage. Taking cookies makes them feel special in the other kids eyes it seems.

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