Monday, November 5, 2007


The visit Sunday afternoon was a little overwhelming and I found myself unable to write or do much for processing the emotions. You could say it is good- but just hard. And maybe the experienced parents out there are saying already- well just wait till the real forever family life starts. Oh, well, this is my reality.

When i arrived about 5pm to pick up the boys, the caregiver told me that Augenijus has been asking when I was coming and then was crying because he wanted his "mama" to come. Erik had been outside when I arrived but he soon saw that the van was there and came inside looking for his mama. The caregivers asked if we are going to have them overnight. It is time for them to get used to that. Or so they think. I will have to check in with the director again. Sometimes that is a clue- at least when the transition was allowed for day time visits, it happened after the caregiver suggested it.

They welcomed a ride in the car for going home. I knew this visit would be a little challenging though because in 2 hours we needed to be back again. Augenijus really wanted to go to the sea. But it gets dark early now so it did not seem the best time for that it was definitely not what Erik wanted!

Most of all they wanted to play on the floor and run and be caught, lots of physical contact.

But then when time to go they threw quite a fit, which was only remedied by having a bag of cookies each for them to take back to the group. But other than wanting to prolong the changing time from outside clothes to inside clothes back at the orphanage (to get some hands on help from mom) they did pretty well in saying goodbye there.

I guess the natural time for overnight visits is usually the weekend. We planned to be away over this next Saturday night- our last free one probably, so maybe we'll be able to arrange something for an overnight a different day.

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