Sunday, November 18, 2007

As Tevelis (I am a Father)

Wow! Words fail me to describe all that has happened since we met the boys at the end of September. We went from being strangers to being adult playmates, and now we are parents, and they treat us as parents. While it was a long time in coming and there was a lot of work involved, even in these 3 days it has been worthwhile.

Today we got up and ate breakfast, and then they wanted a bath. The boys like the toy boat, which makes bath-time much easier (they asked each day so far without being coaxed), but we will have to start using lotion so their skin doesn't dry up. Then we went for a walk and ended up calling a friend to visit their daughter Ieva and see their cat. This time the boys were not so frightened of it, and Augenijus touched the cat. They want to go again.

Just the other day, Erik was combing his hair, and he wanted to comb my hair. So I bent over so he could, and he combed it along my part (which pleasantly surprised me). When he finished, he again combed his hair, but this time combed his hair to the side so he would have a part like mine! He has done this with a couple of things--wants to use my big cup, wants to try something if I do it, of says he thinks something is tasty if I say that I like it. It is fun!

Every time I try to wash the dishes when they are in the room, both boys come running! I tell them to get their blocks (large sturdy blocks that they can stand on to be able to reach the bathroom sink), and they "help" me. Erik does rather well even with washing, and they both know how to rinse soap off of things. It probably takes me twice as long to do the dishes, but 5 or 10 years from now I will wish they would be so helpful!

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