Thursday, February 18, 2010


This post is not about Valentine's day, though we did have a little to celebrate and the boys did learn about Valentine's cards and giving them.

Tonight at bedtime I spent some time with each of the boys separately, talking with them, helping them to talk about something on their minds and praying aloud for them. At the end I said to David, I love you. And he looked at me and said, I love you too. It really sounded quite normal and natural, but he had never quite responded in that way before.

Then with Erik, I prayed and thanked God for him in many ways and asked for God to be with him and help him sleep (we are going through another wave of anxiety at bedtime and through the night) and prayed that he would learn to love God too. Well, he needed to stop me. I already love God and I will always love God! I cannot be sure what all he understands that to be, but it is a strong statement. And I believe that he does love God to the extent he knows how. He has shown signs of that off and on for some time actually. It really gets me thinking about how faith develops and the gradual trust that results in relationship.

We did have a fun time with another family on the LT independence day. Here you see our boys with Lars and his sister Anika.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

more snow

It has been snowing sometimes a little and sometimes more. But so far we have not seen the ground since before Christmas... well a little peeped through on Christmas but we told ourselves we had a white Christmas. And now a white winter. Since it gets dirty over time without melting away it is nice to have a fresh coat of white regularly :) And Erik especially enjoys playing in it. Sometimes the boys get to play with other boys from our building too.

And the boys enjoyed a trip to Palanga with daddy to see the frozen beach and prove that they could not go play in the sand :) when they discovered this ice sliding board they gave it constant use of a half hour.