Sunday, November 25, 2007

more new experiences

We went to Silute church- all 4 of us.

The church celebrated our adoption by giving us a flower/plant and sharing some warm wishes. I decided to use the boys early morning energy to help bake cookies to take for after the service.

There was a celebration after the service too recognizing one of the Lithuanian young women of the congregation who has moved to another city to help with church planting. She and the church planters were at the service today.

The others mothers around the food table were surprised when I asked for tea for the boys. It seems that warm tea was the most regular drink at the baby house and they feel quite at home drinking tea and often ask for it.

The Children's Church was larger than usual and the age range from 1 to 10 made it impossible to keep everyone occupied so the younger ones eventually started playing on their own.- Of course that includes our two.

Then we went to a local Silute pizza restaurant that also has a good play area. Well after having cookies and cake- and seeing lots of exciting things to play on, the boys were not interested in eating. (This meant they were ready enough for supper to eat something I thought they would refuse based on an earlier experience)

And we got home with both of them sleeping somewhat restelessly in the car. A 1 hour drive will do that to you. But really it seemed to go well both directions.

Play time this evening was fun too and before time for bed they started pulling out the magazines and coffee table books. And Free association began. I don't think I ever heard Erik talk so much. Making up the story as he went according to what he was seeing in the pictures from one book to the next. Must have chattered away for more than 15 minutes! (Lithuanian of course)

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