Monday, March 22, 2010

family clowns

The boys visited friend Ieva Stave this weekend and they returned borrowing her chapstick which was great fun for them. So, they were even more excited when their babysitter tonight suggested painting their faces. Complete with costumes they really were quite a sight when they surprised us at the door!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Catching up!

Time to get a little of our life in the virtual journal! We have been finding enough to do. And some of what we are most busy with we do not have pictures of! One such thing was a church leaders' conference I was facilitating at the end of February at LCC. It has been quite the season of snow for us this year as well. No grass to see since Christmas time. And only a little hint of it here and there now as there are occasional melting days.

Erik lost his first tooth- out in the snow of all things! He was not too concerned to collect it. We had not even figured out if we were going to have any kind of reward for lost teeth. Anyway he was excited enough about this sign I guess.
And the boys enjoyed a few play dates with their fried Lars. Can you find which are the Brubakers? :)

David's birthday was celebrated over 2 days. We realize now we cannot let the anticipation build up too strong or the experience be too amazing all at once because David gets super excited and cannot deal with it. basically he cannot wait and nothing else matters! This time we just told him a few minutes before that it was time to open gifts (a day earlier than his birthday) and then the evening of his birthday he did not know there were more presents coming and we opened again- this time with Grandma Buckwalter watching on Skype video!

Our most recent trip was to Siauliai where we attended the conference of the Free Christian churches in Lithuania. Seven churches from throughout Lithuania are represented. We also stayed over at Grazina's place for extra time to visit and so we did not need to make the 2 hour trip both ways in one day for the boys' sake. We would like to think they are traveling better, but 2 hours still seems to be a lot for them- if they are not sleeping a good amount of the time.

Dance recital... the boys have been in a dance class at the end of their preschool day on Mon and Wed. so it was time to have a little program.