Saturday, December 11, 2010

The end of fall

The posts after this represent winter because we basically started snow cover from the beginning of December!

David had his group friend Jonas over to visit one Monday afternoon when there were not activities going on at the school. Erik played with him too, since Erik is used to the younger group joining his group in the afternoons. Both Erik and Jonas play soccer/football on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

We participated in the usual "Thanksgiving" events with LCC community members... a few of us kept the tradition alive to go to the only American restaurant in town on Thanksgiving Day, after work- McDonalds. And then we had the real meal on Saturday. I roasted one of the turkey's this year for the feast so I was up early and a little on edge for the day since I had not roasted a turkey in quite a few years!

Family Day 2010

we approached family day in a similar way as in prior years, and got balloons, cake and gifts for our celebration. We had wanted to view pictures of them when they first came to visit us, but there was not time for everything. So we did that a week later. The boys enjoyed those pictures, reviving distant memories - more of their emotional state at the time than an events that were pictured there. They curled up on our laps and did the same sounds they used to communicate with.