Sunday, January 23, 2011

Memories of December

The warm up to the season is the LCC Christmas program and cookie reception afterwards, and somehow, Santa usually appears at the cookie reception. We try to get a family picture while we are usually dressed up and things are decorated. But not all of us are eager for this photo op. Erik and David also have Christmas programs in their school and a visit from Santa who they decided this year is not the real one- the real one was back at their preschool.

We also have been "blessed" with regular and abundant snow which gave a lot of play opportunity in December.

Kuchios (Christmas Eve) gave another occasion to wear a traditional costume- reminding us that this evening is a Lithuanian celebration. the tradition requires 12 dishes without meat or milk products, generally focusing on things that can naturally be found in Lithuania at this time of year. (Grains, root vegetables, fish, poppy seeds,preserved fruits)

Christmas Day included gifts from the stockings in the morning, travel to Silute for Christmas service (the boys sang) and American style Christmas dinner.

We took one trip over the Christmas holidays- to Vilnius where we stayed in a cheap hotel, went to the water park, shopped a little in stores that have a few more "american" style things, visited the Rulinskas family who has 3 boys!, and saw downtown Vilnius decorated for Christmas, including a little train ride for kids. After we returned we had the Levickis family for a visit- with two girls, and for New Year's eve, we initiated the fire place... and roasted hotdogs and marshmallows for the first time indoors. The smoke will also be memorable! The boys were asleep well before midnight but mom and dad saw the new year in and the fireworks from all directions of our 4th floor windows.