Monday, September 26, 2011

summer summary and September here and almost gone

We left for the US on July 15 and returned on August 16, meeting up in Chicago- mom had a conference for a week first before we could head back after our vacation time was up. Family visits, a few friends, a couple of churches that we attend anyway with family, a quick dip in the Atlantic, a tour of Turkey Hill Ice Cream "factory", and a short visit to Black Rock camp with a long afternoon of swimming for the boys were some of the highlights.

September 1 is first day of school. This year with Erik being a 1st grader the celebration was a special welcome to school, and a gift from the director of the school. And there was special entertainment and just one lesson which the parents sit it on. We borrowed our friend Grazina to be with David for his first day in the classroom since Gregg was teaching.

fresh salmon from the market- quite a spectacle for the boys. And what was their request- cut the eye out!

David likes to get the camera and take shots of all kinds of things including himself. We also had various pictures of our small church group that meets in Klaipeda.

a day out in Palanga

Just returned this evening from Ieva's birthday party. We probably had pictures 2 years ago from the same play place where she had her party. Ieva and David are in the same class at school and Ieva is probably closer to our boys than to some of the girls at the party!