Friday, November 16, 2007

Day one

Wow- this is really happening!
Kind of tired at the end of this one- some pictures will need to tell some of the story.

We arrived about 9:40 in time to share a few cookies with children in the group- and then be moved out to the entry way to change the boys clothes into ours. Erik was especially eager and has been really cooperative all day.

Our first stop was at the store to get balloons which provided a lot of good entertainment for the day.

Then they got here and discovered a few more new things here and there, including bathroom things in a bag waiting to be opened. It took the second time going into the bathroom to discover them though. But oh what fun- toothbrushes... and other things, but the toothbrushes got good voluntary use numerous times!

After lunch it was nap time and with all of the excitement we all needed it! :)

After naps we gave them additional toys we had saved for this special day as well as a first installment of the things we were given at the shower on Monday at LCC. Well actually the bathroom supplies were from that shower too. For some things Erik asks who gave them. But there were so many things today and we did not talk about who all gave them.

Then when it was the time of evening we usually would take them back to the baby house Erik asked if we are taking them back. He asked repeatedly throughout the evening and was dissappointed that he was not going back. I guess the leaving is sinking in. It took him a good while to get to sleep tonight too.

We need to be ready for the possibility of a natural wake up call at 6:30 or 7 so- better keep this short and get some sleep! Unfortunately in the middle of the day I mistakenly pushed the wrong button on the camera and deleted all the pictures we took in the morning at the baby house. Hope to have better presence of mind for the next days about such things!


+ simonas said...

As I wrote in the SMS, VALIO!!! Now, get used to being tired. ;-) What joy though!

Gregg and Sharon Brubaker said...

We knew this was coming- parents of toddlers 2s and 3s are tired. But we've got to go through it :) And they are a joy!

Janelle B said...

Gregg and Sharon, we are so happy for you. You will experience many joys in the coming weeks as the boys make your house their home.