Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Missionary retreat -Vienkiemis

Extended fall season

Fall 2011

The blog is hopelessly behind- I will not get to chronicle all of the happenings, even through pictures. We hit the ground running in September and did not slow down until November when I already felt I would not catch up with the blog. I did occasionally post pictures and short status updates to my facebook page which has become easier for many people to use and access.

The fall had some challenges with adjustments to increased demands at school- Erik in first grade and David in a class of 16 for kindergarden. Erik tends to take a bit to attach to a new teacher (and in this case there are several special subject teachers too). So he made sure it was an effort on their part. But in the end he has adjusted well and is increasingly doing well with his work. His grades at the end of term -first trimester reflect good work in Math and Lithuanian- the two subjects that people really measure by in primary grades, and he does a good job in the other areas too. The hardest thing is to hear words dictated and write them down. This is Lithuanian so everything is phonetic.

David started well and he does excellent work in all the academic things. He is challenged in emotional and behavioral areas however. He enjoys art and especially painting so we are hoping to help him find constructive outlets in this area. David has noticeably improved in Lithuanian language, conversing freeing with friends and moving back and forth between English and Lithuanian at home depending on what the boys are playing- if they have played it or watched it in school, it is likely they will switch to Lithuanian to play it at home.

David has also gotten interest in soccer/football as well as basketball. This helps him use some of the extra energy. Erik continues to do well in soccer as well and added basketball this fall- but not quite with the same passion as football.

The boys ask from time to time about having a pet or having a younger sibling. We are not planning for either in the immediate future, but it is good to see their interest in this normal kind of family growth.