Saturday, March 31, 2012

And then it was David's brithday

saturday morning football at LCC, thanks to student Roman Dolya

David really enjoyed his special LEGO kit to make unique projects which he got on his birthday. He ended up waiting quite a while till the second box arrived for his birthday so that will go into the next post.
Erik is quite active these days in playing football (Soccer) which is really about him most favorite thing to do. The picture shows him in a game at a school gym in another part of Klaipeda

February 100 days party -Bowling party

The arrival of gifts from afar allows birthday celebrations to be spread out over days and sometimes weeks!

The school has a tradition to celebrate after 100 days into the year in First grade. It included an overnight party which Erik really enjoyed.

thanks to a colleague at LCC the idea of a combined birthday party for the boys arose. The boys have pretty much outgrown the indoor play areas for parties, and for this they chose several friends each to attend.

New Year soon turns into Birthday time

Happy family moments also include visits from the Stave's kids. Ieva is David's age, in his class at school and the parents work with us at LCC. We also make quite a deal of lighting candles in the dark mornings of winter.

Erik's birthday is at the end of January- now an 8 year old- wow! We still have a little struggle in our family feeling OK about one person getting gifts so this year the boy who is not celebrating the birthday still gets a gift.