Thursday, November 22, 2007

We joined others from LCC in a somewhat unusual tradition we have around here- since it is a work day, we go out to McDonalds as a group for supper. The Die Hards have Mc Chicken sandwich and apple pie and yearn for home.

We were having our first trip to Mc Donalds with the boys. So we got Happy Meals and tried them out on hamburgers. Mama got nuggets since it was likely they would not go for the burgers. Well they did not go for them either. But Apple juice- now that was a hit. And French fries were ok, but we had them several times this week at home so it was no big deal.

They- well we should say Erik- did not want to sit with the rest of the group. And whatever Erik wants strongly influences Augenijus. But after a while they saw a baby- a baby that has just learned to walk and that drew them into the group.

Good this story had a happy ending. If you would have seen us on the way out of the house you would have questioned our sanity for Erik was screaming that he did not want to go. He was ready to be at home. And usually is, unless we say we are going to the store. We had also been out to LCC and to the store for an hour before this, so in a way we understood. But it also seems he is afraid of a lot of new things and so gradually we will need to help him adjust and experience things that are fun after all!

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