Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Squeal of the day

Well today it was a pigeon. We went walking toward the Danes river to see a boat that is docked there. We also saw some men fishing, we just weren't close enough, but it will be interesting to see the boys reaction when they see that close up. On the way back we came upon some pigeons on the corner of two major streets. They looked like they owned the place but the boys were about to change that. They squealed about the birds and then ran chasing them. Pigeons don't fly much but stride away, but eventually they had enough and realized they had to fly to escape!

We also came upon a happier solution for nap time. I play guitar and sing to them while they fall asleep. This means they also pay attention- which was a bit of an issue when I've played before. I am hoping they will learn some songs we can sing together.

Their rambunctious natures are exercising every ounce of mama's energy to tussle on the floor and play catch me (pagauk). Got me thinking- I always did like wrestling on the floor a bit more than my sisters did. So I get to make up for it now!

Monday evening we took them to see the last half of a basketball game at LCC. They seemed to enjoy it. And the parents enjoyed the extra attention afterward that the boys attracted more than the boys did I think.

It continues to amaze us how the boys, especially Erik know the routine with prayer before meals. And should be forget or delay, they start pretending. The Lithuanian words are starting to come out nicely.

Some are asking what we are doing about the names. Well, we are still using Augenijus, and sometimes say David Augenijus and hope to transition to using David more by the summer.

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