Saturday, November 3, 2007

A Rainy Day

A rainy day...a quiet day listening to the rain fall...yeah, right--with a 2- and 3-year-old? No way--it's anything but quiet. There are toys that make noise, laughing, running, and the occassional "Mano!" ("Mine!") when brother tries to steal a toy.

It was another rainy day in Klaipeda (one of many), but inside the house there was sun and laughter as we played with toys. Today Erik wanted to watch a video, so the "Donut Man" came out, so they could see animals in a zoo and hear songs being sung. Since Erik wanted to watch, Augenijus decided to watch too, even if it was only for 5 minutes. After a total of 10 minutes Erik also lost interest, but who can blame him when there are other toys to play with?

The morning went quickly, as did lunch--or at least the first serving of lunch. Augenijus decided he was finished so we left him go, but he came back 2 minutes later to get another bite to eat. Then he was willing to eat more if Mama or Tetis (daddy) would feed him. So we did, and when Erik was finished, Augenijus wanted to finish Erik's food. Even though it was the same as his own food, we are sure Augenijus thought it tasted better.

Eventually we started chasing each other around the house, which they seem to enjoy doing after their naps. Tetis put a blanket over the boys to "hide" them from Mama, but they soon started walking around, pretending to be ghosts. Erik ran around with the blanket so much that his hair was wet from perspiration. So Mama thought they should have a bath, or better yet, a shower, which neither of them ever had.

They wanted to see what a shower was, so Tetis took them into the shower. He let them feel the water so they knew that it wasn't too hot or too cold, then he ran the water over himself so they would know what was coming. They liked having the water run over them. Then we used some soap, then shampoo. At one point when Tetis was rinsing Augenijus' hair, some water splashed Erik in the face when he wasn't ready for it. He had to cry a little bit. Augenijus enjoyed the shower thoroughly, playing enough that he slipped twice, catching himself once and the other time he slid down the side of the tub and ending up laying on the bottom, and then he laughed. We dried them off and Mama dried their hair with a blowdryer.

Before they returned to the "grupe", they played with Play Dough. They like making snakes and using the animal cutouts to make rabbits, giraffes, elephants and their favorite--crocodiles. We made many animals and it was a good way to quiet down before returning to the "grupe".

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