Saturday, November 17, 2007

First night

The first night went well all considered! But for the "play by play"... We started the bedtime routine around 8 pm and probably did not have them sucessfully settled till after 9- but what is successfully settled when later one has to go to the bathroom, another awakes suddenly after a half hour crying. Because of the comments about ghosts, I decided one of us should stay in the room. That was good in a way, but I could hear how they tossed and turned and groaned. But eventually Augenijus slept- until the episodes of crying. Gregg eventually decided to change the diaper and that seemed to settle it. Erik seemed to want to have attention so after 10:30 I left and he eventually slept.

Gregg was attuned more than I would expect and heard and responded to 2 cries from Augenijus during the night. (May Gregg's tribe increase.- Gregg has been excellent with the boys)

Then Augenijus woke before 6:30 calling mama from his bed. So it was time to start the day! Erik slept till 8- and that was ok. They both woke up in basically good moods :)

After getting dressed we offered porridge for breakfast- I heard that is what they often have, especially because they don't eat eggs. But that was refused. But when they saw tetis eating corn flakes- that was exciting. The next generation of Brubakers is carrying on the tradition Gregg learned from his father.

They really enjoy watching me cook and want to get involved if they can.
We also introduced them to tub baths last night and since there was a toy boat they can only use in the tub, they got Gregg to give baths again before lunch- will have to start using lotion on them!

They have collected their gifts from yesterday in gift bags to carry around. They are establishing what is theirs. They have never had so much all their in their little lives even though right now it can all fit in a gift bag as far as they know.
But the big change during the day today is that they no longer carry the bags around- the toys are strewn all over the floor of multiple rooms- I guess they can trust the toys will be there and don't need to protect them anymore.

We also went to the grocery store the first time as a family this morning. Imagine Gregg out shopping by 9:30 on Saturday morning.

The store has carts with little kiddie cars on the front of them so that was a first experience too. Gregg stopped on the way back for windshield fluid and they really enjoyed watching that go into the car.

Gregg will add some more later.

This is from tonight- an adendum to the post... They were asleep by 9! and no sounds from them since. We even had an hour now before bed for ourselves!

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Ala said...

Sveikinu, Sarune ir Gregai!
Dievas isklause jusu maldas.

Be galo dziaugiuosi uz jus. THis is wonderful! I wish you patience, patience and again patience.

I am very sorry I missed your babyshower, but I didn't know that it took place on Monday. Unfortunately, leaving LCC does not mean getting all such type emails :(.

But I have collected some clothes from Vilius. They are in good condition to wear.

Hope to meet you sometime. Ala