Monday, July 30, 2007

Stepping into the blog world

Stepping into the blog world for the first time as a family is a new venture for us!

But no more new than adding 2 new members to our family through adoption. So many have been eagerly waiting with us that we decided we should find a way to let people check in and find out what is happening!

We started more than 2 years ago to collect the various documents needed to apply for adoption internationally. There were some curves along the way, but eventually in April of 2007 we had everything together and all the documents were current at the same time- yippee!

The office in Lithuania reviewed our papers for a while, decided we will be considered as residents there and ordered a Lithuanian home study. We had a good experience with that just before coming to the USA for summer furlough. And on May 24, 2007 we were registered on the list of waiting parents.

and we continue to wait.

But so far we have been content to wait because there were things we needed to do and take care of this summer in the USA. We go back to Lithuania on August 15 and then it will not be as easy to wait.

One thing we have done is create a picture book of people we visited this summer through which printed out our digital pictures into a beautiful linen-covered hardback book!