Thursday, February 19, 2009

getting better

We have had quite a week, but finally today we started toward a normal schedule since both boys were well enough to be back in preschool. The pictures show some of the time we spent together. The one positive side of it all is hearing a lot longer sentences in English from both boys!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

sickness update

Whew! we all got about as sick as we had been healthy! Quite a different experience for us to all be sick together. And for the boys to be home all this time.

In a way it is a measure of progress that they are manageable for me when Gregg needs to go into LCC. I still remember well how things were going a year ago for me home with both of them.

colds, low fevers, croupy coughs... and for me bronchitis bad enough to go on antibiotics. So far the other escaped that. The Flu epidemic is coming to Klaipeda from other parts of the country... but so far we don't have that to deal with. Counting our blessings.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

how are we?

For most of the winter so far we have escaped sickness. Even today I told coworkers and friends that we are healthy. But I did get a call from the preschool after Erik woke up from his nap saying he was coughing and had a temperature. By the time we got him home, he had no signs of the fever or temp and wanted to be about as active as ever. Of course we tried to keep him toned down.

David keeps learning and developing... He'll soon be 4! March 8. He is getting the idea of our expectations after having very many talks with him about listening and understanding what is right. His attention span is not as long as Erik's these days, but he does like to try to do all the things his brother learns to do.

Gregg is into the teaching rythmn at LCC and he has picked up a new habit since the new year- working out and doing the pool and Sauna experience at the Klaipeda Hotel. It is some scheduled time away from home that is not work and he treasures that, not to mention the physical benefits of course.

For me, the busiest weekend of the year is now behind me- the saltshaker youth conference was this past weekend. There has been a lot of planning in meetings every tuesday and other conversations with planners in between. It seems to be the most successful one yet- at least if the number of posts on Facebook and YouTube about it are any indication!

The sun is appearing a little more lately and the days are starting to feel longer again and that raises the mood in noticable ways. But frigid temps are not behind us yet!