Sunday, December 30, 2007


Well this week we measured again as it seemed the boys have thinned out a little and maybe grown. And yes, they have each grown almost an inch- 2 cm in the last month! I've heard this happens after adoption, just did not expect it so fast.

And little by little we are seeing some growth in the responsiveness to our pattern of living and a little more calm in the boys demeanor. After getting a positive comment at church today we can be more sure it is not just us hoping things are better.

And it is easier to compare on the Silute trips since we do this once a week. It is getting more managable and they also look forward to it. Many weeks we are eating at a restaurant afterward. That is also a place we have seen them adapt to. (The first weeks were a bit out of control) They don't like leaving to come home but that might be expected.

We are wishing for some consistency in the desire for toilet training which is at a stand still again... but it will come.

It has made a big difference that Gregg is at home for much of the last week. The boys respond well to him and somehow they are calmer. We have another week and a half with all of us here which should help some good behaviors become patterns.

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