Wednesday, December 19, 2007


The boys watch for their dad leaving through the window each day. The picture was taken with a flash and that illiminated the little light their was outside at 8:45 in the morning. It is not really light for the day till later and then with the typical cloudy days, it is not very bright.

We looked through the folders of art projects the boys brought with them from the orphanage last night for the first time since the early days they were here. They got quite excited seeing their work. It did not link to specific memories of the orphanage really until Sharon asked specific questions about a caregiver who helped them with a lot of the projects. It seemed to bring back good memories. When we suggested we can go to visit, that seemed to be a welcome thing especially for Erik. He even said he would not come back home. But today he made sure when the topic came up to say that he did not want to go to the orphanage and Sharon assured him we would just visit and come back home.

We are enjoying items from the Sunday School box and made a batch of cookies today from a mix included. I think they ruined their appetites for supper a bit from having cookies for snack- and of course they needed to be stopped from continuing one after the other after the other!

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