Monday, December 24, 2007

go figure!

OK, so now is the time David Augenijus has chosen for potty training! (Another good reason we are glad we are not in the middle of the hubbub of a Christmas time schedule in the US- though in some other ways the family gatherings we will definitely miss)

It all started on Saturday when we went for a visit to the baby house where the boys lived until a month ago- first time we went back. (See pictures)

We noted that David Augenijus went to play right away. Erik on the other hand stood off to the side and watched for the most part for about 30 minutes. (After distributing some cookies in the group.) The workers and kids were very excited to see the boys. Eventually he joined in with his old friend to play the equivalent of cops and robbers. I learned this visit that Erik has talked about being a police man since he was a little boy.

And along comes David Augenijus and says to mama- kaka. Well this means to take a number 2. Which I figure means he has already done it and needs to have a diaper change. When I come back with the needed item, he takes me back to the little toilet - I mean little. He wants to sit on it. OK. (he had always had to sit on a little plastic potty there because he did not ask for the toilet). Wouldn't you know he took his aim and went. (Sorry for this kind of detail on Christmas eve, but this is really the most significant stuff for us)

And when we came home we tried some training pants. Well, he is not aware of the need most of the time. But once in a while. And today after being put down for a nap, he gets up and says kaka- and does the necessary work on the toilet!
A couple of M&Ms and hopefully he understands the motivation/reward system and we will progress over the next weeks!

The caregivers said today that there was never any testing or real evidence that David Augenijus had allergies, they just treated him like his brother. (who had strong reaction to Eggs, therefore they limited all other likely allergins) So, as I suspected, they are not allergic to Chocolate- but it is convenient to tell them they can onlyhave a little bit!

And I learned that David Augenijus was the smallest in the group earlier, having been brought up from a younger group to join his brother. (They arived at the baby house at different times, actually Erik after David)

So he learned to take care of himself around the bigger kids. So that is why he knows how to haul off and hit his brother. And probably the older ones were not allowed hit little ones. That is what our experience shows. And so David is also looking to do everything older kids do. It feels like we have twins much of the time.

Except that Erik does not sleep for naps most days. So he is hoping that I come get him soon to play something on the computer. Or look at pictures or videos we have taken!

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