Thursday, December 13, 2007


Decided to try the baby carrier today after having difficulty keeping both boys positively occupied. I had tried it some time ago in our earlier visits more than 2 months ago and he really did not like it. But today proved to be a different story. I need to be rather willing to move about and accomodate a little activity he wants to do. But it reduced the amount of getting into trouble just to get attention. And it seemed to help him just before bed as well. I noted that earlier in the day after being in the sling more than a 1/2 hour he asked if we are going to bed- einom opapa? which is children's LT language. Caregivers had told me that they rock him and sing before he goes to bed, but before I could never get him to relax for me to do that. And we have had incredible struggles getting him to settle for sleeping 99% of the time.

Yesterday I spoke in the chapel about the adoption process. For those who follow the blog it was not much new other than the references to how this adoption process has helped me to understand the scriptures that refer to our adoption into the family of God. We continue to have interest from many people in how things are going and many are encouraged to see something practical like this happening. The stories of what needs to be done and all the children in need are more prevalent.

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