Sunday, December 23, 2007

???Agreement in Punishment???

It happened, and I can hardly believe it. David Augenijus willingly went along with a punishment.

Before I go any further, you are probably asking, 'What happened?' Well, the other day Mama was cooking in the kitchen. She had a soup bowl filled half-full with bread crumbs sitting on the counter, and Augenijus wanted to see what was in it. So he reached up when Mama was looking the other way and pulled the bowl off the counter and it fell to the floor, broke into pieces, and made a loud noise.

David Augenijus just looked at the broken bowl, and then looked up at Mama. Mama was looking at the bowl, and then asked Augenijus, 'What did you do?' I walked over and said to Augenijus, 'Oy, this is very bad, very bad. What did you do?' David Augenijus looked at me, then he looked down. I said, 'That was a bad thing to do. Go to your bed'--and he turned and walked immediately to his room WITHOUT protest. He was about half-way to his bed when he realized that he actually needed to get into bed, so he started to wimper and when he turned the corner and saw his bed, he stated to cry. I made him stay in bed for 4 minutes and then we talked about not pulling things off of the counter while Mama is cooking.

I marveled at how he recognized that he shouldn't have done it and how he agreed with the punishment enough to start receiving the punishment before he realized that he needed to endure the punishment! If only it were so easy the other times...

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