Sunday, December 2, 2007


December already and time to reflect on the coming of Christ. This will be a new concept for our boys. And they've gotten an early introduction. We learned this week that the English speaking church was doing a live Christmas pageant involving children that our boys have met.

They sat very well in the front row. We had originally sat back further but were encouraged by the organizers to sit up front and so I said- OK but anything can happen! But really they handled it well, just restless after about 45 minutes- that's not bad.

We also had been to Silute in the morning and were at a family's home for lunch afterward. Good that the boys had some more experience lately at Ieva's house with a cat (picture above) but they got up close experience with a different cat today.

Today was picture day for our family and the pastor's family. Our boys were less in the mood for a picture anytime today so we did not really get a portrait out of this!

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