Sunday, December 9, 2007


Well today was a happy day for more than one reason. Seeing the sun after a few weeks of clouds and rain is certainly a highlight for me.

And the boys also brought much energy and happiness into the day. They were not too able to participate in the Sunday school but after that they really were quite good. We went to a restaurant and they sat until the meal came and they ate pleasantly and then were off to play in the play area. We had been there 2 weeks ago and they were much more settled and able to play themselves. (it would help that they did not have an overdose of cookies and cake this time)

They also enjoyed playing at home, roughhousing with dad and a little with mama. We also viewed some of the short video clips we have taken this week on the computer and they enjoy that. They liked seeing the musical clips that I took of the Christmas program last night- they were out in the lobby with Gregg most of that time.

We are talking about putting up our Christmas tree, but decided this is not the week for it. The space is quite small here and it will be a potential source of difficulty.

But more and more the boys are learning what they are allowed to play with and are fitting into our routines here. They are responding affectionately to both of us and learning that they can have that affection without playing- Catch me.

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