Saturday, December 8, 2007


The boys are in their routine now. Each day we color a page from the Christmas story Advent coloring book (online- printed out)and then open a window of the advent calendar and divide the little chocolate piece.

We had a visit from little friend Ema and her mom, one of Sharon's best friends at our house. The children are at an age not to play too much together but they each had some different toys to explore.

Today we also attempted the LCC Christmas program. We left before it was finished. But the boys had sat through parts of it. We dressed up for the occasion and they were pretty excited about getting dressed up. So we will set up for family picture by remote set up at home after the program. Should have one we can use for a prayer card now!

We are all still figuring out the limits and what works in our family and what does not. That includes the parents. Some times we think we really have strong willed children and then after a while they seem so content and willing to please. We really think that we will see things quite differently in a few months- or certainly by next year at this time!

It is a joy to see the boys enjoy mama's guitar playing and to have them begin to join in the motions for the LT version of "If your happy and you know it".

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