Monday, December 17, 2007


I suppose we are no busier than everyone else, but it does make it more rare to get a story in here!

We have felt blessed by a number of friends/family from the US who are sending us toys and various things we don't get often.

Today the boys had new outfits and a box of toys... and the coming days will bring them some more as the Sunday school class we used to be a part of in PA prepared a wonderful box. It has special touches from their children as well.

Friday was a Christmas party at LCC, one for the staff and then one for the children of the staff. It was a culture experience for us as well. We have some good video but that won't upload here. At the end the children had to say their names to get gifts. And so wouldn't you know they both said names- and they never had for anyone else.

Over the weekend we tried to get some good family time in and tried to show the boys they could get our attention and love in more sedate ways than they usually choose. We'll see if they absorb any of our more calm approach to life. Not much showing so far. But they can be quite loads of giggles and energy and exploration.


Perry Lynch said...

I'm sitting here snickering at your attempts to slow them down! I doubt that's going to happen for at least another few years.

One thing I don't usually talk about online is my experience with my Little Brother, Brandon. We were matched 4 years ago, when he was 9, and I thought the energy level THEN was going to kill me. He's 13 now, and while he can be calm sometimes, it's never for very long.

Now, if you figure out how to bottle that energy? I suggest storing it for yourself. You're going to need it! :)

Doris Herr said...

How exciting to see your cute boys in the new outfits we sent. Have they experienced the Tricky Dogs yet?
Wishing you a Blessed Christmas,
Aunt Doris

Gregg and Sharon Brubaker said...

Thanks Doris for the tricky dogs. That was a pocket book favorite of my mothers- and us. So I have kept it out for when we go away and the boys should sit and content themselves :) Sharon