Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year

Well New Year came and went with a little less fanfare than anticipated. New Year's even after having guests Kim and Andrew and their daughter Ieva (a play favorite of the boys) Sharon ended up getting sick during the night. And stayed in bed the whole next day. Gregg did a super job with the boys, occupying them and keeping them rather calm.

There is a potent stomach/intestinal virus flying around LT these days and apparently I got it. But today I'm feeling like more of myself. Perhaps it was time for a break and slowdown from the activity level over the holidays and from all the change we have been through.

The boys greeted me in the morning with great tales of what they did the day before and with outstretched arms to be held. (something of course they did not experience the day before)

They are still experiencing new things and the wonder of it. Today we were looking through a new book with the LT names of things at school, at home in different rooms. And he jumped up to show me that we have these things too! Just amazing to realize that this is the first time that he is putting the conection together from pictures to real life in these everyday things. This evening it was eating chicken off the bone. Gregg had to tell him what to eat. (David Augenijus just did what came naturally without questions)

It is very cold now. So, time outside is not something mama would naturally look to do. But for the sake of active boys with new bikes...

It feels like there is so much to teach, so much for them to experience... and still a nice amount of behavior in public that we would like to shape. Of course that starts at home. The one we are working on now is at the table when eating. This is one area they are fluent in talking about- liking or not liking the food. And saying the equivalent of "yuk!!" "Blah". It is a natural thing in Lithuanian culture to comment on weather food is tasty or not. So this part we will be more lenient on. But, they really make it a game to say "blah, neskanu" and outdo each other.

Overall, they seem to be responsive so we just need to keep consistently working toward our goals knowing that in time it will show!

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