Thursday, December 6, 2007


Enjoying the local "surelis" favorite snack. They were used to this at the baby house as well. Chocolate covered sweetened smooth cottagecheese bar.

I guess no one could prepare me for the amount of cleaning up one does after 2 boys. These boys must try everything and do it themselves or fight mama off trying. So it is good that at least we found the chair covers/cushions we did for the kitchen table. Otherwise the seats are upholstered and in nice condition for adults.

Not sure if I wrote about their creative exploration causing the tub faucet to fill the bathroom floor with water. (Some faucets here rotate and if you move this one far enough it is a sure path to the bathroom floor.)

They continue to "help" with dishes so that always means extra wet clothes.
And mama relented today and let them wear rubber boots for outside when we walked to the store. Splashing in puddles invariably means wet pants too.

We are not sure how long we will be in this apartment. We originally expected to move in the summer and our landlady is anticipating selling the apartment so that seemed to fit her plans.

We also tentatively have in mind coming to the states to finish the immigration process for the boys. Our pre-approval is good until June. When we cross the border the US citizenship becomes active but we still need to apply for the US passport. And then the next round of complicated questions. For them to be in Lithuania then poses immigration issues in reverse. Need for permission to live here on long term basis. (more than 90 days)

The other option we hear about during the court hearing is to leave their citizenship the same here in Lithuania for a while. After 2 years of living with us they could naturalize to the US, but it would be a whole other process of approvals and we are not sure what that means, nor how easy it would be to get them a visa to visit the US with us.

Yesterday we had a fun visit to a baby- actually a 1 year old who is walking now. Though the boys said they wanted to see the baby really they were interested in the different toys there. And David Augenijus was hard to retract from the new place.

When we got outside he spotted a cat down the street which by now was dark with cars coming and going. The only way to get him in the car was to promise/bribe him that he could talk to daddy on the cell phone when he was in his seat. (This was already after doing all I could physically to restrain and forceably put him in the car to no avail!) He is quite an active kicker and thrasher. Not to mention the screaming. I always feel I am taking a risk taking them away. But thankfully they are good at least half of the time and that makes it worth doing.

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