Tuesday, September 18, 2007

the wonder of straws

Monday was a nicer day and we were encouraged to go on a longer walk outside the territory, down to the train tracks. During the summer the children take this walk and then go to the "corner store" so to speak for ice cream. Well, now it is too cold to eat ice cream this time of year.

On the way back through there was another cafe with outside seating so we got them a juice, asked for it split in 2 glasses and the server added straws when Gregg said it was for children. Definitely a first for Eugenijus who took quite a while to figure out how to suck from the straw.

It is definitely interesting to watch the times the boys experience something for the first time!

And we were glad for a good visit- even more than 2 hours. Of course the daily question had to be answered about if we are going to take them home. I told Erik that we got beds for them but there are more things to get, like clothes and food. What kind of food does he like? Well, meat, mashed potatoes, bread... pretty typical Lithuanian answer. Hotdogs? yes. Cucumbers? yes. The caregivers say they eat well. We will just have to stay away from eggs- allergies.

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Randy & Sheri said...

This is Gregg's cousin, Sheri ablogin'! I have enjoyed reading your blog! I can't get over how those boys look like both of you! Has it occurred to you the significance of the apples which aren't ripe yet? If you pick them too early, they're sour. If you wait until the proper time, they're sweet. This is how it is for you as you wait for the proper time to be able to take those boys home. Also, as you tell the boys that you can't take them home yet, I understand why the best explanation is that you need to go and get things ready. It's easier to explain than to talk about paperwork, etc. But I just had to think of John 14: 1-3. Loosely translated, it says, "Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me. In our apartment are (just enough) rooms; if it were not so we would have told you. We are going there to prepare a place for you. And if we go and prepare a place for you, we will come back and take you to be with us that you also may be where we are." ;o) No, it's not Heaven, but they are being adopted into your family like we've been adopted into God's. Blessings to you all!