Friday, September 21, 2007

we have beds

Yesterday we had mattresses stored in the van when we went to the orphanage (had not gotten home in between). So today when I came alone and we had the discussion about where dede is Erik settled in on the explanation that the van is needed to store the beds for them.

Today was another good day overall, despite cloudy weather. We retreated inside after a while which I was glad for since the intense humidity seems to have stirred up an excess of knats.

The last few times the boys seem to show that they have bonded pretty significantly to me, but they rarely call me mama, sometimes tete, but generally they just find all kinds of excuses to be held or to be caught or somehow have physical contact.

Today I had a hard time leaving for all of their antics to keep from saying goodbye. I usually work to get them changed back into their inside clothes before leaving as the caregivers are more than occupied with the other 10 children.

The caregiver said today that one of the boys went home to a family today and all of the children are a bit uptight. They all wish to have a family. I was able to ask her some other questions about what the boys eat, how they sleep, what to expect with toileting. It basically confirms pieces of information I have gotten over time. She did say that Erik is choosey about eating and does not like soup. And soup is a part of the noon meal each day.

We got an email from the lawyer today too saying that she got information from the orphanage today and will put things together to email us. We will need to sign the application to the court that she prepares for us. Then it is submitted to the court and a judge is assigned. Then the judge makes the court date.

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