Friday, September 14, 2007

Are you going to take us home?

The direct question had not surfaced for maybe a week, but Erikas did want to know. And I said yes, someday we will take you home. First we have some things to prepare, and we want to teach you some English, and you need to learn to listen to us when we visit.

Of course it did not come out quite like that in Lithuanian, but that was the idea.

Today was inside play and we were offered the sleeping area which also has a small table in each of the two sleeping rooms, one for the speech therapist, one for the teacher. So, I did get to see puzzles, blocks, other toys for playing house that we had not seen before.

The teacher/caregiver today said that Eugenijus was using the play cell phone to call "dede" for him to come before I arrived. They had both been waiting- but this time it was just "tete" that came to visit.
She says both boys anticipate our coming after their afternoon naps now. And they are different when they "know" we are coming- it took it to mean their behavior is better or at least more desirable to the caregivers.


+ simonas said...

It is exciting to read how the adoption is progressing. Lord, take care of and protect the Brubaker family.

Gregg and Sharon Brubaker said...

We are excited too! We do not always understand the timing and wish we could see the adoption day coming. But for now we wait and learn.