Tuesday, September 4, 2007

This picture is from a couple of days ago. The weather has been really wet. And yesterday the place outside that had shovels and buckets was locked. So instead we had a prolonged game of hide and seek with many hugs and kisses in between. It does make a rucuss when we show up so the caregivers are taking to getting us out with the boys where the others don't see us as soon as possible.

We set up beds yesterday that will eventually be used as bunk beds once the boys are a little older. They may even want to sleep together in one bed at first someone suggested today.

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Rasele said...

you know,guys, those babies are so cute! i am so happy and excited when i look at those pictures and read your comments. be patient like you've always been till this time and all the court thing is just a minor thing to our powerful God. i bet He wants those kids with you more than anyone else on this earth! God bless you and those kids while you're still in the process! i am very happy about you and i will keep you in my prayers!