Wednesday, September 19, 2007

no court date yet

Everyone is asking these days "did you hear about the court date" and the answer is no. So that means we don't know when we will be able to take the boys home.
But in various ways they are getting new experiences and it is interesting to watch their reactions. Today they began singing spontaneously- seemed so happy and that warmed our hearts.
For as much as they want to get away from their group that they always spend time with, it is also home for them. When they experience something new or exciting, they want to go back to their caregivers to tell them about it. So eventually the separating when they are adopted will have bitter sweet moments too. And it will be hard for them to totally feel where home is for a bit. They will miss their friends and caregivers. So this gradual bonding time is really valuable so they have enough history with us before making a bigger change. For now the bonds to the caregivers are stronger than to us, and we are thankful that they have good caregivers and that the caregivers also try to help the children make transitions.

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