Sunday, September 30, 2007

Full day

The first part of our day was in Silute at the Free Christian church. We took a Bible professor from LCC along to preach today and Sharon facilitated the worship service. Though the group is smaller now with college age students away in other cities, the sense of community is still heart-warming among them.

After lunch in a pizza restaurant (one we will remember for the future because of the toys/play area for children, we returned to Klaipeda.

We met briefly with another missionary couple who are close to our age working with a Vineyard fellowship. They have a significant ministry to one of the Klaipeda orphanages for older children.

Then we were on to see the boys again and spent a lovely hour down by the sea with them. Yesterday we had opportunity to have them to our home for a few hours over the time for their nap and snack. They remembered and asked if we were going there again. But not this time. We hope it can happen again though before long. And it seems time to talk to the director again about the timing of coming home since the various caregivers at the orhpanage keep encouraging us to take them for a longer time. This has to be one of the more extended visiting periods by foriegners they have seen. Most times this paperwork period and the decision to adopt has all happened before the prospective parents even meet the child.

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