Sunday, September 23, 2007

Ministry day

Today Gregg preached in Silute and Klaipeda whose services happen at the same time as visiting hours at the orphanage. The message referenced the experience of Moses being called by God to do something he thought he could not do.

Yesterday we had a shortened visit after a full day as well. LCC International University was celebrating 15 years in Klaipeda, the opening of a new state of the art dormitory on campus and the new name. There were many official guests and a nice number of formal greetings and gifts. It was overall an encouraging experience. Sharon's role was to be available to pastors and priests visiting for the occasion. The International students prepared an international fair sharing food from their 20 different countries. And the culmination was the professional Lithuanian music and folk dance group "Lietuva".

The boys got an extra amount of time outside with us and much enjoyed playing "Catch me".

It has been a while since we took any pictures or video, but we'll try to upload a very short video from last week here... The view of Eugenijus with an apple is quite a common one for us since apples keep falling from trees around the orphanage.

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