Friday, September 7, 2007

Kur dede?- Sharon's visit

Today Gregg had his first youth meeting of the season in Silute so I went on my own to see the boys. Of course they asked where Gregg was, referring to him as uncle as they usually do.

The weather was warm enough to be outside comfortably and we take advantage of this knowing that it will soon not be so inviting outside.

I took newsprint along that my mother had offered us before returning to Lithuania. I taped two pieces together and had each of the boys lay down to be traced. Then we added body parts and clothing with Crayola minikids First Markers (superwashable) that I found in Lithuania.

I also read them a little book in English. "God always cares" It has good pictures so we went through it the second time to identify things in the pictures in Lithuanian.

The caregiver from yesterday when Gregg left was working again today and she came to greet the children and me before she started her shift. She had to come outside to help get the boys inside at the end of the visit, but this time it was accomplished without tears.

There is so much potential for pouring into these precious little lives. May God grant us wisdom and grace to understand and to model and guide- and to introduce them to the source of all love!

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