Wednesday, September 5, 2007

a tentative timeline

Our lawyer wrote today to answer questions we had (and many of our friends have) about the timing of the adoption procedings and when we will have the children living with us.

Basically, it looks like the papers should be together and ready to file at the end of September. A possible court date can be assigned soon after that- probably court date the end of October. The final stage of the adoption would be complete in December (40 days after the court date).

So we expect sometime in October the boys will be coming to live with us.

Until then we visit and get to know their personalities and characters that have developed so far. And get to know the caregivers and the training methods they have been using.

Today we took the boys on a long walk to the beach. Well not so long for adults, but with young ones it is a little different. And we did a bit of shopping for clothes in the afternoon along with pastor Modestas' wife Ramune who took us to places she shops in Silute that are definitely cheaper than the stores we were in on Saturday.

This evening we met with the Silute church council as well and returned late, so we'll have to write more another time.

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