Thursday, September 13, 2007

Swing time

Today we played outside. The boys wanted to look for fallen apples under the apple trees, but they were mostly not yet ripe ones. Erik found one nicely red apple that made Eugenijus wish he had one, so he looked harder. There weren't many, so when the boys weren't looking, I picked a red one off the tree, and rolled it close to Eugenijus. He was delighted!

We also played on the swings, and that was great fun until Erik's foot caught on the ground under the swing. The swings have a place for the children to put their feet to keep this from happening, but Erik put his foot in front of it, hitting the ground and hurting his foot. He had to cry about it for a minute, and it really did hurt. I held him and then Sharon held him, so we could both comfort him.

At one point, Eugenijus wanted one of the swings, and his brother was also going for that swing. Eugenijus cried out "I, I, I! Man, man man!", which appeared to be English ("I, I, I!) and then Lithuanian "Man, man, man! (for me, for me, for me!). There is a sound that is similar to the "I" that we heard, but this sounded distinctly like the English "I". Young children do pick up languages quickly, but this would be exceptionally fast. We haven't used English too much, but we have used it and talked among ourselves. We may never know if it was English or not, but if Eugenijus continues to use it or starts with other words soon...

The rest of the visit went well. I again helped Erik "take a leak", as males prefer to say, and it is good to see that Erik knows when he needs to pee, even if it is only 15 seconds before he needs to. We played some more and the boys drew on some paper with larger washable markers that we brought along. This time the workers prepared Erik and he escorted us half-way down the steps on our way out. Maybe he has become accustomed to our leaving and no longer will need to struggle so much, confident that we will return again another day.

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