Saturday, September 15, 2007

Learning how to calm down

Our morning visit probably suprised the boys as they are used to afternoon, but they were quite happy to have us and we feel grateful that the teachers are accomodating and always find a space for us to be with them without all of the other children.

After observing that they can get rather wound up and don't know how to calm down, we started a sit out time when needing to correct behavior. And after explaining what needs to change we count to 10 slowly and then they are free to go. This really helped them to behave well over all today.

Erik once again asked why we are not taking him home. Both boys resist the parting, but they have found other ways than crying. They resist helping to clean up toys and finally refuse to put their shoes back on to go upstairs from the play area where they have to take their shoes off. Erik even took his socks off purposefully today and refused to put them on. So a caregiver's intervention finally got him reunited with the group since it was already lunch time and others were waiting.

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