Wednesday, September 26, 2007

choosing names

On Monday we received papers by email from the lawyer at which point we realized that we needed to have the names finalized in order to complete this part of the process. And the application can only go to the judge for a court date after that.

We did have an idea what we wanted to do and we sent some questions about the forms back in an email and also suggested what we were thinking about the names. She replied with answers and questions. That caused us to think a little further. And consult with friends at LCC to for perspective on how the names will fit internationally as well as in Lithuanian usage.

The Lithuanian language requires certain endings and spellings. For the name Erik there will be no problem. And we decided on the middle name Daniel. We hope he will be strong and courageous and he seems to have the beginnings of that kind of personality.

Then the decision for Jevgenij- Eugenijus. Well, it is difficult to pronounce but we did not want to get rid of the name either. I, Sharon, discovered in talking with a good friend that we have been mispronouncing the Lithuanian version too. And with much trying still could not master the "Eu" sound together with the rest of the name. What I was saying was Augenijus. (in case we haven't said so lately, Lithuanian can really be complex!)

The shortened name for either Augenijus or Eugenijus is Augis. This sounds something like ohgis. And the diminutive form of that would be augutis- which may be how Erik began calling his brother Gutai. (if you don't know Lithuanian just skip this paragraph!)

So now we have decided the name will be David Augenijus. It seems that he has a sensitive personality, likes music (well, they both like music) and we hope will have a heart after God.

Today I also functioned as taxi for Erik to go to the Alergy doctor to be tested. Out of 14 things he was tested for, he was only sensitive to egg whites. Though the nurse from the orphanage who went in with Erik to the doctor suggested we still be careful with chocolate since he had trouble with that before.

After playing together later in the day together, the boys found someone in the hall to tell that their "mama" came. The woman asked so where is your father, and they pointed to Gregg. Of course these are precious moments. At the same time we will not be surprised when they call us uncle and aunt again the next time. But the emotional bond is definitely shifting the relationship and they are more interested in pleasing us than they used to be.

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+ simonas said...

The dipthong eu should be pronounced much like a little overpronounced British oh?. Try that and you should be fine. :-)