Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Under the weather

Today's visit turned out much different than expected. I met a caregiver outside on the way in who told me about health problems the boys had and that I should go to see the doctor. Dr. Kazlauskiene is a nice gentle spoken woman whom I met for the first time. She confirmed that yes, one had vomitted during the night and the other had pain in his tummy in the morning and both were to stay on grounds today.

I eventually found them later outside after I went inside to look where the doctor seemed to expect they would be. They had been waiting for a while by the car another caregiver told me later. They knew their "mama" was there, even though the caregivers were not sure since I did not come to the car. But eventually she led them on a walk in the woods to collect leaves.

When I came outside to look for them I also met up with the man who takes care of the yard. He definitely looks into retirement years to me. But I wanted to personally thank him for finding the part of the car key I lost a couple of weeks ago. He told me the rather amazing story of how he recovered it from leaves he had already gathered some time before. I brought a plant in today to thank whoever had found it-I really didn't know. I had been called by the director last week when they found it.

So, eventually I got to the car(van) and the boys were returning from their walk to the sound of "mano mama atejo" (my mommy came!), this time most clearly from Augenijus.
The caregiver suggested they could sit in the van for a while. we had only about 20 minutes till lunch time when they needed to go inside. They enjoyed the time but were not happy about needing to go inside. And after some real antics they came in, but only to lay on the floor and suck their thumbs! Oh, well, we all do things differently when we are not feeling well- or when very disappointed!

Another way to look at this "under the weather" title is that we are in that darker season again. Some have noticed on the acuweather prognosis on the blog it sometimes says dreary. Not a very usual word for weather in the US where my family is from. But it can be very real here!

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