Tuesday, October 9, 2007

This was the outside shot i said would come later.

Today after a meeting to introduce Chris our LCC chaplain to the chaplain of the Klaipeda University, I went to pick up the boys.

They were outside and Erik was away on a walk with some of his group. By the time we got to our apartment they were both talking about wanting to eat. And they know where the kitchen is and so they were ready to sit to the table. (Of course lunch was not ready)

I am not often inclined to use a video as a babysitter, but this time in order to get food together, I hoped it could work. But,no, they did not want to look at a video or TV.

We had an interesting time of it, learned a few more things they like and don't.
There was also quite a bit to clean up after and I guess I will come to expect this for the future.

Nap time was also not on their list of things they want to do. But eventually they did fall asleep and they consistently sleep for close to 2 hours.

At lunch there was reaching into food, getting up on the chair to reach to the middle of the table, and leaning into the bowl of soup to spill it down over the clothing. So I took the opportunity to get a load of wash into the washing machine.

This was great fun. First time to see a washing maching spin. It is side loading and glass window in the door. Imagine two little faces up to the glass squealing with delight!

They began to notice that Gregg was not here. I said he would come after they finished sleeping and Erik was sure to keep asking about it when he got up. So Gregg got a warm welcome when he came home about 5pm. We went out to play then and though having dad around was good, when I disappeared to get something they were no longer content to play just with dad. But Gregg did well in directing their attention to play until I returned.

Erik was unhappy about returning to the orphanage. We softened the hurt a bit by sending along a pack of crackers he could give to the kids when he returned. But, he was still sullen. Augenijus did not seem to mind too much. The idea of a home is not so real to him at this stage. And we sense he has not bonded to us in the way Erik has, at least not yet.

We will continue to look for the attachment issues in his adjustment. He has lived at the home from the beginning with many caregivers and not necessarily having attached particularly to one of them.

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