Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunday visit to our house

Usually we bring the boys here Saturdays, but this Saturday we had a meeting in Siauliai for the day with Free Christian church pastors. So, our option remains the 2+ hours we could have after 4:30 today.

We have received a care package of fun things like books and a animal sounds toy from Sharon's mother this week. And we were given a bag of stuffed animals from another family here. So the boys squealed in delight to see the new things out on the sofa and there was great excitement exploring for a while. They were not to happy to need to return back to the "grupe" but with the prospect of taking back a toy with them to the group, they finally cooperated.

They were also out in the dark for the first time. This weekend the time changed and so it was dark outsie while they were here and for the trip back. Erik noticed the street lights and learned to copy Gregg saying- I like the dark, I'm not afraid- and then told his teacher as soon as he got back!

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