Thursday, October 18, 2007


We had a visit from our mission director Jim Dombach and his wife Donna. They met the boys on Tuesday. It was a big day because they got some new toys too- perhaps we'll get a picture with them later.

Each day is another experiment with what food they like. Of course they like cake, whatever I give them and Tuesday was "blondies" chocolate chip bars. They are not given much chocolate at all because of fear of allergies to it, but they did not seem to react to the bars, the first chocolate we've tried.

So, on the "skanu" (tasty) list is: split pea soup, Chicken broth with noodles, pancakes- anything that looks that color and size, french fries, hot dogs, jello blocks, pretzels, crackers, cookies, multi grain cheerios with a little milk, cucumber. Augenijus will also eat mashed potatoes, bananas, and downed some broccoli with help. Erik is sensitive to textures and thinks some foods make him sick- such as broccoli and watermelon.

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