Monday, October 22, 2007

HBH - a restaraunt with play areas

This post is about our day with the boys on Saturday. I, Gregg, had preaching responsibilities in Silute and Klaipeda on Sunday, so I'm only posting this blog Monday morniing.

Saturday was such a nice day--the sun was shining, not much wind, and temperatures were above freezing--that we decided to go to HBH, which is a popular restaurant just ourside of Palanga that has play areas for children.

The boys really enjoyed the time there. As you can see above, the slide was a favorite, but they ran from one thing to the next, exploring everything. There were wood horses to sit on, swings, rocking horses, small structures to run up and into, and a play area inside next to the eating area.

We ordered food and then showed the boys the play area. They explored everything. It is wonderful that we can still have a lot of "first" experiences with them, even though they are already several years old. When the food came, they ran back to eat, but then wanted to play again. So we let them for a few minutes, then they came back to finish eating.

They were so excited, enjoyed themselves and ran around enough that for the first time there was no complaining about having to take a nap when we got back to our apartment. Augenijus fell asleep on the ride home, and Eric almost did. I carried Augenijus in, and Eric walked in, but almost fell asleep on the chair when takling his boots off. He fell asleep within 15 seconds of being put in bed.

After the nap, it was play time. Mama got out the picture ibook of family and friends of our summer furlough. Both of them were very interested in the book and wanted to meet the people who were in it. We told them that someday, when we take a long airplane ride, we will all be able to see them.

Augenijus is playing with the minivan toy that we found on the Internet that looks just like our actual minivan. It has become a favorite toy of both Erik and Augenijus. We let one of them play with it for 10 minutes, then the other gets to play with it. When it is time to change, the one will say "pa-to" (how Augenijus tries to say "prasau", or "please" in Lithuanian) to the one who has the minivan and offer whatever toy he has at the time. It is fun to see them sharing with each other, even if Mama or Tetis must enforce the sharing the first couple of times.

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